Alexandra Holzer, the daughter of paranormal investigator Hans Holzer, recently made some posts on the IMDB about the new documentary which appears on the DVD. She and her dad were interviewed for it. Here are some excerpts from what she said on the IMDB:
We were filmed on April 4th this year, as paranormal experts and much of what we filmed was kept as it did well. This was a great experience for the children to see their grandfather and mother being positive and honest on film. 

I crack some ghost jokes on this thing...hope they kept it as I like to deal with the unknown in a lighter way at the same time, bringing about paranormal awareness. Life is meant to be lived as we could be gone tomorrow, ya know?
I wasn't privy to much more then our part and that they went to San Pedro about the true poltergeist incident from the late 70s. They interviewed Dr. Barry Taff and his team that did the investigation.

.....Then, they moved along the coast filming many other people in the business of ghosts and hauntings, gathering more testimonials.
What I can say is that they picked the best of best with the paranormal, which ladies and gentlemen, is where this film "Poltergeist", falls into and has a deep background from where it came.

On that information alone, it might be one of the best featurettes out there in this genre...
What is a poltergeist? I think what's neat about what we went on film for, was to get down and dirty on the topic of bad hauntings. The world of the paranormal has taken on a life of it's own, and I know many would be fascinated to hear these testimonials from experts who have witnessed first hand, the terror of an evil haunting. Can you even begin to imagine?

I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion and will always respect that. There are believers, skeptics and those on the fence, wherever you sit my friends, please know that at least what Hans, Roberta and I went on for, was for real stuff and wanted to explain the influence behind what made this become a film.
-Alexandra Holzer
Find out if "Poltergeist" will be playing on the big screen in your town October 4th and buy tickets here:
For those of you interested in getting a jump on this long awaited special edition, you can now pre-order the new DVD from WB Home Video here:
I understand that the video/audio remaster on this new edition is extraordinary!
Here's the press release:

"Poltergeist" Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With Deluxe Edition DVD And One Night Return To The Big Screen
They’re baaaack! Warner Home Video is pleased to present the newly remastered and restored Poltergeist 25th Anniversary Edition, available on DVD on October 9, 2007. Poltergeist fans will have one chance to see this cult classic on the big screen on Thursday, October 4th at 7:30 p.m. at participating Regal, United Artists, Edwards, Cinemark and AMC movie theatres, presented by Warner Home Video and National CineMedia’s Fathom. Tickets for this special one-time-only event will be on sale September 7th for $10.00 at presenting theatre box offices and online at www.FathomEvents.com. For a complete list of presenting theatre locations, please visit the website (theatres are subject to change).

A box-office success at the time of its release, Poltergeist grossed over $76 million dollars and was nominated for three Academy Awards® including Best Original Score, Best Sound Effects
 Editing and Best Visual Effects. This classic horror film co-produced and co-written by Steven Spielberg arrives just in time for Halloween. Poltergeist 25th Anniversary Edition DVD is available for $19.97 SRP, with an order due date of September 4, 2007.

“Poltergeist is a great, classic American horror film from Steven Spielberg, arguably the most successful movie producer of our time,“ said George Feltenstein, WHV Senior VP, Classic Catalog. “The film has been digitally remastered from original picture and sound elements for the highest-quality presentation ever on home video. This new version is sure to deliver the same spine-tingling terror it brought during its original release. It is an essential must-have for everyone’s horror movie collection.”

The special October 4 theatrical screening of Poltergeist will be supported by a national and local market publicity campaign, an extensive viral campaign to include posting of web banners to horror sites and web blogging, in-theater promotional trailers that will play on approximately 5,000 screens, and placement of posters promoting the screening in thousands of theatres.

Suburbanites Steve (Nelson) and Diane (Williams) suddenly experience paranormal activity in their home. What starts off as minor excitement quickly turns into nasty ghostly encounters. The disappearance of their daughter Carol Anne (O’Rourke) forces the Freelings to bring in parapsychologists and a professional exorcist to exorcise their home. Directed by Tobe Hooper and featuring Oscar Nominated Visual Effects by Richard Edlund, Michael Wood and Bruce Nicholson, Poltergeist is one of the most entertaining horror films of its time.
Poltergeist SE DVD marketing to include one night only theatrical screenings of the film!
I was searching the web and found the following links and info.  Enjoy!



"They're Back.....". Don't Miss this special one-time event as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of "Poltergeist". Warner Brothers will present a remastered digital version of the original 1982 film, preceded by 16 minutes of pre-recorded content as a bonus! One night only, Thursday, 10/4 at 7:30pm. Tickets Sales Date and locations will be announced soon!



Poltergeist 25th Anniversary DVD
August 15, 2007

I gotta say, that's great box art. Kudos to Warner's artist who came up with this cover for the new Poltergeist 25th Anniversary Edition. It's stunning.

Warner delivers the classic horror Oct. 9 (prebook Sept. 4) remastered and restored for $19.97.

To promote the release -- and give fans a little extra something -- the movie will be screened on Oct. 4 at 7:30 pm at participating Regal, United Artists, Edwards, Cinemark and AMC theaters. Tickets ($10 each) go on sale Sept. 7 at theater box offices and www.fathomevents.com.

The link above describes a planned marketing campaign for the SE release as designed by art director/writer Adam LaRocca.
Here are two links to some really cool photos:
Alternative Media to promote the release of the Poltergeist 20th Anniversary DVD.

1. Chairs attached to ceiling tiles in horror sections of HollyWood Video stores.

2. Select screens turned to static in television sections of Best Buy stores.
Horror: A couple experiences ghostly encounters and hires parapsychologists and an exorcist to exorcise their home. Bonuses: documentary. Promotion: select theatrical runs.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Poltergeist 25th Anniversary DVD

In stores:  September/October, 2007

Check out the special features.  You will recognize someone.  *grin*

WB has finally confirmed the release date. According to Bill over at The Digital Bits.com (http://www.thedigitalbits.com/#mytwocents):
Warner has announced a new Poltergeist: 25th Anniversary Edition DVD for release on 10/9 (SRP $19.97), which features a remastered anamorphic widescreen transfer, along with the They Are Here: The Real World of Poltergeists Revealed documentary. Unfortunately, according to Warner, no high-def versions are currently planned.
Two items. And good news on both. Steven Awalt, the editor of Speilbergfilms.com, had this to say:
That's a real shame about Nelson. [not being involved] On more positive news, both of Steven Spielberg's publicity reps reconfirmed to me today that they haven't heard a single thing that would lead them to believe the release has been canceled, as the rumor goes. I'm going to talk with the head of Warner Bros. Home Video publicity next week as well, so that should put this to bed.

Could this mean that the release got pushed back from the proposed October release? Possibly, and since that date was never confirmed. But the title hasn't been killed or seriously delayed from all I've heard from very credible sources so far.
Also, I spoke again with Gloria of the GhostTrackers Group, and she clarified things a little bit. It looks like Jobeth at least may have given an interview for the SE DVD:
I know when I talked to [my contact at] NWE [New Wave Entertainment] he said they were done with JoBeth Williams and the hold out was Zelda. But I don't remember any talk of Craig T. Nelson save for the "I don't know about him" thing. All I know is that we filmed with them, that's what they told me about the DVD but no release date or anything else was discussed. I just remember hearing how Zelda was a holdout because they overbooked her with other commitments but that the others had been done.
Found a little more detail from this post today at:
Poltergeist Coming to HD-DVD & Blu-Ray

This might be old news but I didn't see any posts about it so I'm posting it here. Warner Bros. is releasing a new 25th Anniversary Edition of Poltergeist on 10/9 on DVD. They also announced HD-DVD & Blu-Ray versions to be released day and date but pulled both versions a few days later stating production issues with the Blu-Ray version as the cause. Either way Warner expects to have the title out either late in 2007 or early 2008 once the problems are resolved, it's still possible it could make it out 10/9 with the normal DVD as well. Below is the UPC codes for both versions along with the pricing information. Poltergeist would be the first Spielberg film to make it onto HD-DVD, unless of course Universal sets dates for some of his bigger titles by the end of the year.

Poltergeist (Blu-Ray)
$28.99 SRP
Release Date: TBA

Poltergeist (HD-DVD)
$28.99 SRP
Release Date: TBA

Poltergeist (DVD)
$19.99 SRP
Release Date: 10/9
I just confirmed today that Craig T. Nelson was not interviewed and apparently has no other involvement with the upcoming SE DVD release, contrary to earlier reports.  This was sent from his publicist:
I found a note from February 13, 2007
New Wave Entertainment requesting an interview "for an all new Special edition DVD Poltergeist to be released by warner Home entertainment sometime this year"
we responded February 26 that Craig  Nelson declined their interview request
Some potential bad news, at least for those who'd been hoping to buy Blue Ray or HD-DVD versions of the SE:
I found these two postings today on a Blue Ray retailer forum. Hopefully the regular DVD is still going to be out.



This is directly from my rep:Warner cancelled the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray versions last week and said they may be coming in 2008 (but it's not for sure).

This hasn't been confirmed by WB, but apparently a German DVD site has some info on what the "special features" are on the 25th anniversary edition:


Special Features:
Documentaries: They're here: The true world of Poltergeist: Part One (the science of the spirit) and Part Two (communication with the dead), Making Of, Trailer